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Planning a visit to Rijeka and Kvarner and wondering why pick this city for your next holiday destination? Incredible architecture, rich history, lovely alleyways, impressive historic monuments, interesting museums, grand squares, amazing gastronomic offer, good transportation connection with many destinations,… Find out more on what this amazing city has to offer with our Insider’s guide to Rijeka and surrounding. 

Visit City Full of Life and Culture!


The phrase "I love the city that flows" in recent years can be seen almost every step, and the insignificant number of Rijeka’s citizens that inscription decided to put it on their cars.

What is beautiful is the discretion and the sympathetic mystery, perhaps that is what gives it popularity, and what makes "the city that flows" are the abundance of sources on which our city lays, and our city itself is named after the river Rječina - the river by to which our city was named. In the center of the city is a 16 sources of drinking water. The basic natural resource of the City of Rijeka is the abundance of potable high quality water and the main source of river Rječina. The length of Rječina (from the town to the mouth) is 7.5 km, and it flows into the sea in the Delta area.

Rijeka (in the local dialect and part of the neighboring croatian dialect Rica, and in the other neighboring Croatian dialects Reka, ita. Fiume, ger. Sankt Veit am Fluß) is a town in Croatia and administrative center of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The town of Rijeka with its surroundings (formerly the municipalities of Rijeka - Kastav, Viškovo, Grobnik, Kostrena, Bakar) has over 250,000 inhabitants. The city was built in the 19th century because of its ideal geographical position and depth of sea in the Kvarner Bay, developed into one of the largest Central European ports and a powerful industrial center. At the beginning of the 1990s, there was an industrial breakdown and a sudden decrease in port traffic, and in the new millennium Rijeka began to turn to the development of tourism and the service sector.

As Pula and other coastal cities which were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Rijeka’s architecture is dominated by buildings of that time and the city offers and interesting mixture of a Mediterranean port city and the continental architecture as found in Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb. The industrial architecture is also vast and epochal.

Rijeka’s Korzo promenade is the centre of the city where everything happens. Stop at least once for a coffee at one of the terraces of numerous and picturesque café bars lined along this unusual promenade. Korzo is the place where people gather and move apart, where they hang out, do business, make acquaintances, but also go shopping. The Korzo is Rijeka’s equivalent to Split’s Riva and Dubrovnik’s Stradun, the heart of the city. There are also our apartments Terra I & II.


Whether you are staying in Terra I & II apartments, Terra Magica Deluxe Apartment & Room or in Terra 5 Deluxe Apartment, Rijeka and its surroundings have a lot to offer. See our suggestions:

Terra Apartments Rijeka - RIJEKA’s ART & CULTURE

When it comes to creativity in art and culture, it’s hard to know where to start in Rijeka. So, why not start in one of many Rijeka’s museums.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Rijeka Events

It's hard to get bored in Rijeka. Get acquainted with our traditional annual events that are worth coming to. Find a place in Rijeka just for yourself, depending on what interests you.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Rijeka's Surroundings

One of the best parts of staying in Rijeka is that it is so well connected and close to some of the most amazing parts of Croatia.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Rijeka's Beaches

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the bathing season in Rijeka begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. Two Rijeka beaches, Ploče and Kostanj are the proud owners of Blue Flags.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Food, Drinks and Nightlife

A big part of Rijeka's everyday life is definitely drinking coffee in one of the many cafes and bars on Korzo or in various corners of the city. Where to eat? Visit one of our top restaurants.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Shopping in Rijeka

If you cannot imagine visiting a new place and not spending some money in the local shops, you can choose from the authentic experience of the “town belly” – Rijeka’s main market PLACA


Wandering what to do in Rijeka? It’s hard to bring the choice down to 5 best things to do while staying in the city, but we’ll do our best.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Promenade Molo Longo 1707 meters long - Top 5 things to do in Rijeka

Kaleigh Hendershot - This Croatian Life - Visiting Rijeka

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