Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc Rijeka


Rijeka's Art & Kulture - Over heel Rijeka en de Rijeka Ring wordt dynamische geschiedenis geschreven in de talrijke culturele en historische monumenten, waarvan een rondleiding deel uitmaakt van de route voor elke toerist die in deze stad en regio aankomt. Elke generatie zal entertainment naar hun zin vinden en ze zullen allemaal culturele inhoud vinden die een integraal onderdeel is van het Kroatische en culturele werelderfgoed.

Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc Rijeka

Today’s Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre is located by the main city market, close to the banks of the Rječina River and close to the port’s docks, on artificially created land of the former army training ground known as Ürmeny Square. The characteristic of this artistic temple is the figural composition of the tympanum of the main front facade carried out by the Viennese sculpture association, Kaufungen und Fritsch, whilst the four figure groups in the roof corners are the work of the Venetian sculptor, Augusto Benvenuti. Website:

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The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, which was established in 1961, comprises maritime, historical and cultural, ethnographic and archaeological departments, and is headquartered in the former Governor’s Palace, a historicist edifice and protected cultural monument.The museum is headquartered in the former Governor’s Palace, a historicist edifice and protected cultural monument. 


Terra Apartments Rijeka - The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum houses the collection of the works of art by Rijeka artists from the 19th century and both Croatian and foreign artists from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Museum is working on a number of collections. These are collections of works by national artists Božidar Rašica, Romolo Venucci and Slavko Grčko, as well as collections of drawings, graphics, sculptures, posters, paintings, photographs and media art. The exhibition activities take place in Krešimirova Street.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

City Museum of Rijeka

The museum is the city institution engaged in systematic collection, professional and scientific analysis of the museum material thematically related to the industrial, cultural and social (political) history of Rijeka.

We all know that a city without its own museum is not a city. Rijeka’s City Museum awaits its visitors in the Governor’s Palace Park. The activity of this institution can be seen in various areas of activity, including collecting, treatment and restoration, research of the city’s (and not only the city’s) past and organising exhibitions on important historical themes.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - City Museum of Rijeka

Natural History Museum Rijeka

In addition to the botanical garden, the museum has a multimedia centre with an aquarium containing species from the Adriatic Sea.

The Natural History Museum located within the Nikola Host Park was the first regional museum in the Rijeka area, founded in 1876 when Doctor Joseph Roman Lorenz designed its concept in accordance with Vienna’s Naturhistoriches Museum. Initially the collection was an integral part of the City Museum, but since 1945 it has operated as an independent institution with rich holdings at its current location, within which there was a zoo and an aquarium until the 1960s.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Natural History Museum Rijeka

Peek&Poke – Computer Museum

When it comes to creativity in art and culture, it’s hard to know where to start in Rijeka. So, why not start in one of many Rijeka’s museums. For something different, check out Peek & Poke Computer Museum with a massive collection of games consoles and computers going back to the 1960s. Some displays are behind the glass, but on some of them you are free to play vintage games.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Peek&Poke – Computer Museum

The Rijeka Tunnel

Rijeka military story leads tourists – below the city.

How many times have you visited a military facility as a tourist? Not very often is our guess. Well, Rijeka offers a rare opportunity to do exactly that. And it will lead you underground in the process. The first military tunnel opened exclusively for tourist visits is waiting for you in the very centre of the city.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - The Rijeka Tunnel

Palace of the former sugar plant

The sugar refinery was the first and oldest industrial plant in Rijeka. It was founded in 1750 and used for processing of sugarcane and raw sugar. It was located on the sea shore and the raw material used to be unloaded from sailing boats in front of the factory’s entrance. In 1786 a new administrative building was constructed, a large Baroque palace. The sugar refinery had been working until 1828 and was succeeded by the Tobacco Factory. It enlarged its complex of buildings, thus
becoming the largest tobacco processing plant in the Monarchy.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Palace of the former sugar plant

Petar Kružić Starway

In the northwest corner of Titov Square stands a Baroque chapel with a relief of Madonna with the Child on its front. This passable chapel resembles a small triumphal arch and marks the beginning of the Petar Kružić Stairway that lead to the famous pilgrimage centre, the Franciscan monastery at Trsat. The steps were built in 1531 by order of Warlord Petar Kružić,
and were built up over the centuries (up to today's over 500 steps) and adorned with votive chapels.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Petar Kružić Starway
Friendly warning due to COVID-19

FRIENDLY WARNING: Due to COVID-19 restrictions which are changing on almost weekly basis and could affect the organization of events and working hours of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Also, you can get up to date info on the official Croatian Government dedicated site  and Total Croatia News portal with special section on traveling during pandemia.

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