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Terra Apartments Rijeka Rijeka's beaches - Ploce beach

Discover Rijeka's coastal gems through our beach guide

Discover Rijeka's coastal gems through our beach guide - Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the bathing season in Rijeka begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. Two Rijeka beaches, Ploče and Kostanj are the proud owners of Blue Flags, the finest proof of the cleanliness of Rijeka’s sea. The sea is clean and blue, the sun is drawn here and the beaches are numerous, diverse, large and noisy, small and secluded, pebbly, concrete, rocky, hidden…

From Sand to Stone, We Have You Covered!

Considering the location of the city, Rijeka's beaches are located in the far eastern and far western parts of the city. As our Apartment Rijeka Terra I and Studio apartment Rijeka Terra II are located in the city center, and the Apartment Grobnik Terra Magica Deluxe, the Triple Room Grobnik Terra Magica and the Apartment Viskovo Terra 5 Deluxe are located above the city, access to the beaches from Rijeka Apartments is easy. You can reach most beaches within 10-15 minutes. On the eastern side, at Pećine, there are eight beaches, most of which are only a few minutes away from the city center. In the western part, you can find your ideal beach from Kantrida to Preluka - there are five beaches on Kantrida, and if you don't like sea water, you can swim and sunbathe at the Kantrida Pools, the largest and most beautiful swimming complex in Croatia. There is a whole series of larger and smaller beaches and coves from Bivi to Preluk, which are connected by a promenade with numerous facilities, from catering and sports facilities to children's parks located in the shade of vegetation. These beaches are ideal for those who, in addition to sunbathing and swimming, also enjoy sports activities at sea. Thanks to its very specific location and the wind that blows there, Preluk beach is a well-known and favorite beach of surfers. Also, here you can find smaller, nameless beaches, hidden coves and beaches for those who prefer to be secluded. Some of them can only be reached from the sea.

For our Apartments Rijeka Terra I and Terra II in the city center, city buses run to all beaches. It is a few minutes' walk from the bus station to the beaches, and free parking is available near most beaches.

Ploče Beach

This beach is surrounded by a floating barrier, equipped for water basketball, has access to sea for disabled people, a rescue service, catering facil...



Terra Apartments Rijeka - Ploče Beach

Kostanj Beach

The city beach primarily intended for disabled users. Swimmers are looked after by trained lifeguards, the beach is surrounded by a floating barrier



Terra Apartments Rijeka - Kostanj Beach

Glavanovo Beach

Thanks to a shallow sea entrance, and green zone above the beach where is possible to find shelter from the sun, this pebble beach is ideal for families with children. Its quietness and green zone are also attractive for the more senior visitors. It has shower facilities too.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Glavanovo Beach

Sablićevo Beach

One of the oldest of Rijeka beaches is only a few minutes far from the city centre toward the east. Young and old alike will enjoy this pebble beach. This beach has a shower, changing rooms and sanitary facilities.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Sablićevo Beach

Igralište Beach

Everyone can enjoy the pebble beach, but particularly families with children. After sunset, it transforms from a quiet beach in a place to go out. The beach has parking spaces, a beach volleyball court, catering facilities, a toboggan, shower and sanitary facilities.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Igralište Beach

Bivio Beach

This beach has shower and sanitary facilities, catering facilities and a toboggan.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Bivio Beach

Grčevo Beach

This beach has shower and sanitary facilities, catering facilities and is equipped for water basketball.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Grčevo Beach


Because of the wind that blows in the early morning, this beach is a real paradise for windsurfers and yachtsmen. It has an entrance for smaller vessels from the land. The beach has shower and sanitary facilities.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Windsurfing Preluk

Nova voda Beach


One of the most visited beaches, pebble, ideal for families with small children. Access directly from the coastal path.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Nova voda Beach

Svežanj Beach


Svežanj cove, where there is a beautiful natural, partly pebbly, and partly shady beach, is one of the most attractive parts of the coastal strip of Kostrena. Due to the rare and protected species in the sea, Svežanj cove is located in the central part of a narrow protected zone of the area of an underwater park.



Terra Apartments Rijeka - Svežanj Beach

Ičići Beach


The sea has always been Ičići’s main resource, therefore it is no wonder that this place is most famous for a beach full of facilities. In addition to the pebbly access to the sea and wide sunbathing area, the beach also has two children’s playgrounds and a sandy sports ground intended for volleyball, as well as other sports, and here sports lovers will also find the opportunity for other activities – from the casual riding of pedalos to exciting kitesurfing.



Terra Apartments Rijeka - Ičići Beach

Sipar Beach

Moščenička Draga

You do not know Sipar and the pebble beach, my little empire.' are words from the song about Sipar. Today, it is recognised as perhaps the most beautiful beach of the Kvarner Bay. The sandy and rocky beach of Mošćenička Draga is a few hundred meteres long. Windsurfing and diving centres are located right on the beach. Tennis courts, numerous sports facilities, and equipment rental are nearby, and make for a perfect family day out at the coast.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Sipar Beach

Medveja Beach


For many tourists this beautiful natural pebbly beach is one of the most beautiful sights of the Adriatic coast. There is enough space so that everyone can find their own perfect place for a rest and enough facilities so that every day is full. Alongside the beach bar and restaurants there is a separate water park for amateur sports players. As a famous refuge for lovers of untouched nature and peace, the most popular type of accommodation in Medveja is the campsite at the foot of Mount Učka.


Terra Apartments Rijeka - Medveja Beach

Crikvenica Beaches

Riviera Crikvenica

The queen amongst Crikvenica’s beaches has won a series of acknowledgements, in which it has been declared the most beautiful and the best tended. It is a natural beach, which over the decades has been formed by the waves and currents. During the day the youngsters enjoy water sports, beach volleyball and other fun features, whilst the night is reserved for dancing and socialising by the sea. Specific to this beach is its Mediterranean garden with its list of plant species, and apart from catching our eye with its look...

BLUE FLAG                   Direction

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Crikvenica City Beach
Terra Apartments Rijeka - map with locations of Rijeka beaches
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