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Breakfast Restaurants Nightlife in Rijeka

Gastronomy, drink and night life. Capture spirit of the city!

While wandering the streets of the city and visiting Rijeka's sights, it is always nice to take a break, relax and recharge for the rest of the day. Good food, a quick snack or a nice drink could be the right choice. We have selected for you restaurants, pubs and bars that offer a quick snack, a good breakfast or an early night drink in the fresh air.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Where to have breakfast

We suggest an overview of the best places for breakfast in the center of Rijeka

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Restaurants in Rijeka

Rijeka’s turbulent history is also woven into the local cuisine, with recognizable influences – those of the Austrians, Italians and even the French.

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Bars and nightlife

For lovers of evening outings and nightlife, Rijeka is a city that runs until late with lots of good entertainment, live performances, theme parties, dances, art and music programs

You can also order food with delivery to the apartment via:

Rijeka Apartments Terra food delivery

Breakfast in Rijeka

We know how important it is to start your day in the best possible way. That is why we offer our guests a healthy and simple breakfast served at the nearby restaurants. Take a look at the gastronomic guide we have prepared for you!

Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant ŠtoRiJa

All good stories have interesting follow-ups… and that’s when the ŠTORIJA really begins.

  • Gluten-free

  • Meat specialities

  • Pizza and pasta

  • Mediterranean dishes

  • Fish and seafood

  • Street and fast food

  • Vegetarian meals


Address: Riva 6

Tel: +38551670473

Cukarikafe Bar

Cukarikafe is a bar in the center of Rijeka that has existed for a decade, and offers a handful of hot and cold drinks and a few desserts, while enjoying the nice and pleasant interior and fine service.

  • gluten-free

  • Meat specialities

  • Pizza and pasta

  • Mediterranean dishes

  • Fish and seafood

  • Street and fast food

  • Vegetarian meals


Address: Trg Jurja Klovića 4

Mobile: +385916017701

King's Caffe Pub

King's Caffe Food pub is an English pub in a Mediterranean fashion. Specialty coffee, a wide range of beer both on tap and bottled. Fantastic location.

  • Gluten-free

  • Meat specialities

  • Pizza and pasta

  • Mediterranean dishes

  • Fish and seafood

  • Street and fast food

  • Vegetarian meals

Address: Verijeva 7B

Tel: +38551561916

Restaurant Antack

They get their food exclusively from the market and from local grandparents, their steaks are baked at a precise temperature and they make their own sauces, gnocchi and cakes. In other words, everything that says it is homemade is really homemade.

Address: Riva Boduli 3a

Tel: +38551214633

GRAD kavana&bar

Located in the heart of Rijeka, GRAD kavana & bar offers its visitors a wide range of quality drinks and meals.

  • Gluten-free

  • Meat specialities

  • Pizza and pasta

  • Mediterranean dishes

  • Fish and seafood

  • Street and fast food

  • Vegetarian meals


Address: Riva Boduli 7b

Tel: +38551565586


Batak Grill

Specialized in grilled dishes, although other delicacies can be found on their menu, fantastic soups, beef tartar and goose pate, and carefully selected desserts. Good enthusiasm is important for a good story. Culinary specialties are prepared on an open fire, on charcoal, which ensures their exceptional taste, aroma and juiciness.


Address: Riva 12A

Tel: +38551568888



Restaurants in Rijeka & Grobnik

Rijeka gastronomy. Looking for the best restaurants and places to eat in Rijeka city center? Here’s a list of those loved both by locals and travelers from around the world. No matter if you are up for something traditional or modern, Meditarrean or continental, Italian or Croatian, Rijeka offers it all. The city’s geolocation makes it a melting pot which gathers in food from across the entire region. Therefore, enjoy excellent lamb and cheeses which arrives from the nearby family farms on the islands of Cres, Pag and Krk. Make sure to try Mediterranean dishes prepared with fish and seafood caught that day in the Adriatic sea, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and scented herbs. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, you’ll love the local pasta with asparagus, as well as local truffles, and an indigenous type of cattle called boškarin. And in case that you are not up for trying something specifically local, you can always grab a burger in Tapas bar.

A family tavern with a long tradition is located in the heart of the Rijeka market. Home cooking


Address: Vatroslava Lisinskog 12

Tel: +38551312108

web address

Working hours:

Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sat: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sun: Closed

If you like fish and seafood, tavern Na Kantunu is your go to place. Although you might find its setting quite simple and you will definitely find fancier places in Rijeka, the tavern serves some of Rijeka’s best seafood. So, settle yourself at one of the rustic wooden tables and simply point towards the fresh fish waiting for you on ice behind the glass. The cook will do the rest.


Address: Demetrova ul. 2

Tel: +38551313271


Local cuisine restaurant.
Adriatic Mediterranean specialties
Homemade dishes / Seafood / Deli


Address: Riva Boduli 5b

Tel: +38551312222

web address

Working hours:

Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Restaurant Gardens

After a long day of sightseeing and shopping, the best place to relax and unwind in Shopping Mall Rijeka is restaurant Gardens. If you’re there during the summer, make sure to sit on the terrace overflowing with flowers, , with the additional perk of enjoying your meal with a view of the sea. Make sure to check out the wide offer of mouth watering cakes and sweets that are available on the menu every day.

Address: Riva 6

Tel: +38551311026


Maslina na zelenom trgu

Maslina na zelenom trgu is a bistro-pizzeria focused on quality food as befits the name ("Olive on Green Square"). Let us remind you that the current Kobler Square used to be the belly of the city, that is, the city market, and it was called the Green Square or Piazza delle Erbe.

Address: Koblerov trg bb

Tel: +38551563563


Restaurant Conca d’oro

Korzo Restaurant Conca d’oroalso known as Zlatna Školjka, is a legendary Rijeka’s restaurant with a history dating all the way back to 19th century.

All the ingredients are locally sourced.


Address: Kružna ul. 12

Tel: +38551213782


Cont Pub

Traditional, regional and cuisines from around the world. All dishes are prepared from selected top products. The chefs, however, are constantly enriching the offer. Come to the already known location in Rijeka, see for yourself the great atmosphere.


Šetalište A. Kačića Miošića 1

Tel: +38551282374


Pizzeria Lounge Boonker

Located on top Rijeka’s spot, with an amazing view of docks and harbor, Boonker offers great pizza and simple dishes, such as fried calamari, small fish and salads. You may even want to come here just for a drink with your friends by the sea. As the sun sets behind the sea, Boonker turns into fun place to spend a night out.


Istarsko pristanište bb

Tel: +385 51401738


Tavern Tarsa

The varied cuisine in Tarsa is based on homemade dishes that are often prepared according to their own recipes with lots of imagination. Dishes are prepared under the lid, and include boiled lamb, homemade gnocchi with game and “Zrinski” meat plate flambé.

Address: J. Kulfaneka 10

Tel: +38551452089


Restaurant Aerosteak

When dishes we consume are delicious, meat is soft and prepared as it should be according to the rules of profession, we say we are satisfied. When a pleasant atmosphere, really good waiters and fast service are added to that– the restaurant certainly gets a recommendation. When we raise all of this to a higher level adding our unique culinary touch to excellent ingredients, when the overall gastronomic experience reaches a level where a guest will hardly have an objection, in that case we are talking about Aerosteak.

Address: Soboli 53, Čavle

Tel: +38551250193


Tavern Putniku

Lovers of Croatian cuisine can not get enough of delicious local cuisine in this family restaurant with a long tradition. Here you can enjoy excellent food and an authentic atmosphere. Spend a quiet evening in the relaxed outdoor seating area.
The daily offer offers home-made dishes as well as a la carte dishes and desserts.

Address: Kikovica 2, Čavle

Tel: +38551259524


PIRUN ex Walter, restaurant - pub

Walter restaurant's offer is based on locally produced meat.
Dishes are prepared in a bread oven

Address: Dolnja cesta 43, 51219, Čavle

Tel: +3850995577700


Working hours:

Mon: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Tue-Thu: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Fri-Sat: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Sun: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Bars & Nightlife in Rijeka

Capture the spirit of the city! Rijeka is a city that offers a wine-and-dine experience from early morning to late at night, providing plenty of opportunities for exploration, starting with the main city promenade of Korzo, which is lined with a plethora of terraces for resting and relaxed socialising, which is typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Coffee culture is carefully nurtured in Rijeka regardless of the occasion, whether as a morning routine, a get-together with friends and acquaintances or a way to unwind after a hard day's work. If you take a turn into the side streets and squares, which are sheltered from the daily hustle and bustle, or make your way further towards Trsat and other quieter parts of the city, you will discover the lovely ambience of the bars and pubs, which tell their own story through special programmes and a well-defined offering of drinks and the occasional snack. This range offers something for everyone, from an assortment of world-famous spirits, home-made "rakija" (fruit brandy), seasonal cocktails and craft beer to premium teas, freshly squeezed juices or a cup of first-rate coffee or top-notch wine.

In addition to the catering offer, this pub will pay close attention to the choice of music for all generations of Rijeka residents, but without turbo folk and other nonsense.

Address: Trg Svete Barbare 5A

City cafe Renard Rijeka

Good coffee is still worth its weight in gold, but Renard offers much more than coffee in addition to the top Lavazza super crema coffee. They offer a large selection of various cakes with the DAJ KOLAČIĆ signature, as well as a selection of various wines, champagnes, signature cocktails and classic cocktails.
With the opening of the new city cafe, Ante Starčevića Street has become the most attractive street in Rijeka in terms of catering and gastronomic offer in the city.


Ante Starčevića 8

Fiorello Pub

A friendly and pleasant place on Korzo, which owes its name to the former New York Mayor, Fiorello La Guardia, who lived on the upper floor of the same building during his short diplomatic career in Rijeka. There is even a life-size statue of Fiorello who has recently found his table in this pub.


Korzo 1

Concept Bar

Concept Bar is a new place in Rijeka for drinking fine coffee and going out in the evening.

At least it is a bar that has been completely renovated in a modern and minimalist style. It is perfect for drinking good coffee during the day, and ideal for enjoying cocktails in the evening.

Every Friday and Saturday they prepare great entertainment and various events. The repertoire includes local music, RNB and house, which will be played by a DJ.


Trg Šišmiš

Stop caffe & club

In the heart of the city of Rijeka, in the old town ...
Excellent coffee awaits you as well as a rich offer of other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, pleasant staff and music.
An ideal place for day and evening gatherings ...


Užarska 17

River Pub

The River Pub offers you the possibility of convincing yourself that the Celtic spirit has been preserved in Rijeka. A relaxing place with rich catering on offer and ever new entertainment contents.


Frana Supila 12

Champagne Bar Pommery

Pommery offers entertainment throughout the day with over twenty types of sparkling wines and champagnes served by the glass as well as other quality drinks. Located on Korzo, it is an inevitable place for all generations who like entertainment with the latest musical hits.


Korzo 33

Tapas Bar Pet Jedan

If you’re up for something more urban and upbeat, check out Tapas bar Pet Jedan at the city’s waterfront. The main inspiration for the interior design of the restaurant was the story of the ship Carpathia which departed from the Port of New York, heading for Rijeka with 700 passengers. The ship received SOS signals from Titanic and headed to help. It reached the place after the ship had sunk and the rescue of the survivors lasted for four hours. Tapas bar Pet Jedan is known for its meat dishes, such as pork ribs, beefsteaks, rump steaks, chicken wings, tacos and burgers. And if you feel like dancing, the music goes on long into the night. 

Address: Riva 14a

Ritz Bar

By the Ritz café in Užarska street, there’s a statue of an elderly lady bent under the weight of the milk churns she’s carrying. This is the statue in honour of the milkmaids from Grobnik (an area in the hills above the city). This was where the dairy cows that gave the people of Rijeka their daily “pinta” were kept and milked, and the milk was carried down by fair maidens as you see here. Grobnik is still famous for it’s cheese – grobnički sir – try it if you see it on the menu.

Address:  Sokol-Kula 8A


Bar Bar is a completely unique diner – everyone will find something to their liking here, whether it’s coffee and a croissant, delicious cookies with almonds and jam or perhaps a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Fans of beer can choose from more than thirty different brands of their favourite drink, those who prefer wine will enjoy something from Bar Bar’s extensive wine list, while others can try one of ten different types of whisky – all while listening to great music, which is often played live.


Ul Pod Kaštelom 3

Garçon Bar

Garçon Bar is located at the very centre of the city. In the morning and afternoon it is a perfect place to have a cup of coffee or some other favoured beverage, and in the evening it is a bar with a whole lot of good fun – live music, student nights, karaoke, and various themed parties accompanied by an amazing DJ and pretty hostesses – such is the weekend routine at the Garçon Bar.


Trg Ivana Koblera

Rakhia bar

Here you can take a shot or two, or a metre or two of shots. 

The first “rakija” bar in Rijeka with 84 different kinds of “rakija”!! 

Their energetic staff, who are always friendly and at your service, serve coffee during the day and join you in song with a few shots of “rakija” at night. 

Foreign students are also fans of homemade Croatian “rakija” and a nice cup of coffee, which makes RAKHIA BAR the official cafe of Erasmus students.


Andrije Medulića 5

Apotheca Bar

A very interesting cocktail bar, which is themed in the style of the 1920s. Go back in time and place yourself in the time of American Prohibition. Namely, on January 16, 1920, the Americans brought the so-called The Volstead Act banned the manufacture, sale, distribution and importation of alcohol and was in effect for the next 13 years.

Here you can try reinterpretations of famous cocktails from the prohibition era.


Ul. Ante Starčevića 3c

Wine & Coffee bar Kod Zajca

A place where you can try more than 100 labels of Champagne, premium and sparkling wines, as well as the premium Illy coffee.


Verdijeva 7A

A place that stands out with its offer and interior, which is simply different from anything you've seen. In the space, nothing is left to chance, every detail is carefully selected; from miniature typewriters with the role of price list holders to originally made jungle wallpaper, decorative blue concrete on the walls and "invisible" toilet doors.


Đure Šporera 2 A

Vintage bar

Take a break after walking through the walls, rest your eyes on the picture of the city, travel along the river that winds through the landscape, inhale the scents of old times, imagine for a moment the historical turmoil, means to connect with Rijeka and feel its pulse.

Address: Petra Zrinskog 17

Mobile: +385992367537

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