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Rijeka Perfect Apartments
for Digital Nomads

Go remote!

Rijeka, your new office!

Dear Digital Nomads, if you are looking for a place to set up shop away from home, let Rijeka and the region be your new office! 

Welcome to the Kvarner Region - one of the world’s TOP 10 regions by Lonely Planet

Croatia is one of the world's most popular holiday destinations, attracting millions, literally millions of visitors from all over the world who want to see its beauty first hand. Name a country where it is possible to ski on snow, while having a wonderful view of the turquoise sea; one with more than 700 islands; one that contains well-preserved monuments from Roman times to modern installations such as an instrument played by the sea; one with eight UNESCO world heritage sites, eight national parks, eleven nature parks and all on an area of less than 57,000 m2. That would be Croatia.


Kvarner Region, as the cradle of Croatian tourism and today one of the TOP 3 tourist regions in Croatia, has a unique combination of coast, islands and mountains. It is located on the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic coast.
Destination for those yearning for holidays in pristine nature, adventurers or lovers of cultural heritage, various events, tradition …and TOP gastronomy experiences.

Perfect spot for Digital Nomads - Rijeka, Grobnik & Viskovo, your new office! During your stay in Rijeka, Grobnik or Viskovo you will feel our pure fresh air - Kvarner Effect or simply aromatherapy in the open air.
Kvarner has one of the mildest climates in the Adriatic. It is sheltered from the cold northern winds by Mount Učka and has 2,000-2,300 hours of sunshine a year. Thanks to its favourable location and sufficient rainfall in the autumn Kvarner abounds in lush Mediterranean vegetation. 

Everyone is welcome to experience Kvarner. A full rush of adrenaline accompanied by the colours, scents and sounds of Kvarner! More than 3,000 km marked walking, hiking, themed and educational trails …various bike trails… and much more…

Terra Magica Deluxe Apartment Grobnik View

Benefits for digital nomads

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Spend up to 12 months living and working in Croatia

Spend up to 12 months living and working in Croatia

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Communicate easily – English is widely spoken

Communicate easily – English is widely spoken

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Excellent internet speed

Excellent internet speed and connectivity with excellent mobile connectivity throughout the country

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Moderate climate

Moderate climate

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Friendly people and great hospitality

Friendly people and great hospitality

Terra Apartments Rijeka - A nature lovers paradise

A Nature lovers paradise

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Centrally located

Centrally located and well connected to other European hubs

Terra Apartments Rijeka - High-quality healthcare available

High-quality healthcare available

Terra Magica Deluxe Apartment Grobnik Rijeka

What to see and do in your
free time on Kvarner?

If you are looking for a warm and interesting place in Europe to spend the cold winter months, it doesn’t get any better than Terra Magica Deluxe Apartment or Terra 5 Deluxe Apartment!

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